ByQuits Sabio Nov 10, 2019

Blessed are the Mourning Poor

I remember a discussion I had with a supporter of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle on Facebook, wherein I told him that the SOGIE bill is discriminatory agai

ByQuits Sabio Nov 3, 2019

The Beatitudes : Introduction

There are many reasons I could think of why we need to invest some time to study the Beatitudes. First is that more often than not we give more e

ByQuits Sabio Oct 27, 2019

Necessity of Reading and Thinking

In light of the 502nd Reformation anniversary we as a church zeroed in our preaching emphasis on the centrality of the word of God for the life o

ByQuits Sabio Oct 13, 2019

Pruned by the Word

We are told that an abundant and successful life is a fruitful life. But what would pass today as a fruitful life is that you have a big house, a

ByQuits Sabio Oct 6, 2019

Men Moved by the Spirit

The Bible has been used by God to convert people for thousands of years. It makes people tremble and at the same time emboldened by its words. Ye

ByQuits Sabio Sep 29, 2019

Delighting in the Word

Most people believe that thinkers can't be artistic, or that the intellectuals are cold, but the poets, musicians and visual artists are warm. Th

ByQuits Sabio Sep 22, 2019

Danger of Drifting Away

We are living in a world where theological accuracy is considered impractical. The notion that we can really be right in our theology is foreign

ByQuits Sabio Sep 15, 2019

Craving God’s Goodness

Growth is one sure sign of physical life, and the moment growth stops, all that we have is aging, degradation, decay and eventually death. Howeve