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ByQuits Sabio

Unbreakable Covenant

In order to understand Galatians 3:15-18, we need to know Paul’s flow of thought beginning from verse 1.

First, in verses 1-5 Paul argued from every Christian’s own conversion experience and sanctification. Read More

ByQuits Sabio

Incompatibility of Faith and Works of the Law

In my profession as a programmer, when a program or an app breaks because of an update on operating system, one of our first diagnosis is compatibility issue. Read More

ByQuits Sabio

The Faith Trait

Consider one wealthy individual who died without leaving any last will and testament that contains the names of those who will inherit his wealth. The law of the land requires Read More

ByBro. Leonard Castañeda

Servant of the Lord, Servant of the Church

What is a deacon? Often, much attention has been given to the office of the elder / pastor, and we are left with a vague idea of what a deacon is, or should be. Read More

ByQuits Sabio

Folly of Returning to the Law

After a two chapter defense of his apostolic authority, Paul now proceeds with the defense of his message, namely the gospel. Galatians 3:1-5:12 comprises the main or central argument of the epistle. Read More

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