ByQuits Sabio Sep 29, 2019

Delighting in the Word

Most people believe that thinkers can't be artistic, or that the intellectuals are cold, but the poets, musicians and visual artists are warm. Th

ByQuits Sabio Sep 22, 2019

Danger of Drifting Away

We are living in world where theological accuracy is considered impractical. The notion that we can really be right in our theology is foreign to

ByQuits Sabio Sep 15, 2019

Craving God’s Goodness

Growth is one sure sign of physical life, and the moment growth stops, all that we have is aging, degradation, decay and eventually death. Howeve

ByQuits Sabio Sep 8, 2019

Knowing and Loving

In today's discourse, love have become the measure of spirituality for those who fight for the special rights of minority groups. Love is usually

ByQuits Sabio Aug 4, 2019

The Brand-Mark of Jesus

Paul's letter to the Galatians comes now to its closing remarks. This is the part where many start looking at their watches during a very long co

ByQuits Sabio Jul 28, 2019

Sowing in What Really Matters

As we move towards the end of Paul's letter to the churches at Galatia, he gave one last exhortation on living and walking by the Spirit. Continu

ByQuits Sabio Jul 14, 2019

Love : The Fruit of the Spirit

Galatians 5:16-18 tells us the what and why of walking by the Spirit. Now Galatians 5:19-25 tells us the result of walking by the Spirit and what

ByQuits Sabio Jul 9, 2019

Walk by the Spirit

The main point of Galatian 5:13-15 is the imperative to serve one another through love, and its negative flip side to not give opportunity for th